Shusha Walmsley

Registered Homeopath & Reflexologist


Please download and complete the form from the Contact Us Section and email it back to Shusha. This saves time at the initial consultation. Alternatively once you have contacted Shusha a form can be emailed to you. If there is anything you do not wish to disclose, please leave this blank, we wish to make you feel as comfortable as possible

Homeopathy has been established for around 200 years and is a safe, non toxic, non invasive, scientific system of medicine. It works by helping the body to heal itself. A natural, alternative to medicine. It uses the age old principle of “Like cures Like” which goes back to the time of Hypocrates.

An audit of my practice shows that patients coming to me with a diagnosis from their GP of – anxiety, grief, skin and bowel conditions, catarrh, glue ear, asthma, menopausal problems, hypertension, arthritis, and children with behavioural problems have sought support with me over the last twelve months.

The patient can stay on their conventional medicine which can then be monitored by the GP as their symptoms improve.

The first session may last up to one and a half hours; follow-up sessions are forty-five minutes. People tend to come once a month for a while. Questions are asked about you as a whole person. If there is time, a form is sent to you beforehand. A remedy is chosen which fits you and your symptoms as an individual. All remedies are non addictive. In follow-up sessions, changes and improvements are assessed.


This complementary therapy is a system of massage on the feet; reflexes on the feet relate to organs and parts of the body. Reflexology dates back to ancient Egypt, China and the North American Indians, and was introduced into the Western world in 1913 as “zone therapy” by Dr William Fitzgerald.

Reflexology may help many conditions such as tension, headaches, digestive and circulatory problems, sinusitis, back pain and sciatica. It also increases nerve and blood supply, balances the body systems and relaxes. It may also help people suffering with pain.

The first session takes one and a half hours, as a short consultation form is completed first. The follow-up sessions are just under one hour. The client can sit or lie on a couch, or sit in a chair and put their feet on a special stool.

Allergy Testing

This involves using muscle testing and dowsing for allergies with a pendulum using Homoeopathic testers. At the end of the session the client is given a form with the results.

If the patient feels they are sensitive to an unusual substance, they may be asked to bring a sample of that substance with them, in order for it to be tested. 

Sessions last between one hour and an hour and a half.

Indian Head Massage

This is a massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp, hair and face and has been practiced in India for 1000’s of years. Indian head massage can benefit a variety of symptoms associated with tension and anxiety like eye strain, headaches, sinusitis and insomnia. You can have special oils if you so wish. It is a great relaxation treatment, and a good hair conditioning treatment too.

The first session is about one hour, and as with other therapies, a form has to be completed. The other sessions are forty-five minutes.

Advanced Indian Head Massage

This session is an Indian head massage plus either an anti ageing or detoxing facial massage. These facial massages work on the energy lines in the body and are very relaxing and create a feeling of well-being. The whole massage lasts an hour and twenty minutes.


Ancient civilizations have always been aware of the universal life force that flows through each living thing. Reiki is a pure universal boundless energy. Dr Usui developed Reiki in Japan in the 1800’s. Rei means universal boundless energy.

It helps to balance a person on all levels. The client can be seated or can lie on a couch. The session takes about 50 minutes. Shusha is also a Reiki Master so she can attune people to Reiki. This involves three levels – Reiki One, Two, and Masters.

NB: There are a few contra-indications for both Reflexology and Indian Head Massage. Please check with Shusha when booking.


Developing your Intuition

Shusha holds day courses to help therapists, business people and members of the public develop their intuition, so that its use enhances their everyday lives. The course is held in small groups.

Synchronicity Group

This course is held approximately once a month in Kettering. Therapists and members of the general public meet to discuss spiritual ideas and philosophies. It is a chance to be with like minded people.

Gift Vouchers

Our gift vouchers make an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, Mother and Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or even just a “Thankyou or a Well Done.” Contact Shusha for your voucher.